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Attorney Gilbert G. Malone

Gilbert G. Malone

Attorney at Law

As a dedicated real estate and estate planning attorney, Gilbert Malone provides skilled counsel to individuals, families, and businesses throughout central Pennsylvania. In his decades of practice, Attorney Malone thrived on cases requiring attention to detail as well as the ability to see the bigger picture. His goal has always been to use his understanding of municipal and state law to directly benefit his clients.

Attorney Victor A. Neubaum

Victor A. Neubaum

Attorney at Law

With over three decades of experience practicing before the York County Divorce Masters, County, and Appellate Courts, Attorney Neubaum advocates for the rights and interests of his clients. In both family law and municipal law, he understands how important it is to provide a personal approach for each client, creating strategies tailored to their unique needs while still taking the lead in their case.


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Our combined years of experience and familiarity with a wide range of cases allows us to put you in a position to seek a favorable result. We've earned our reputation for excellent legal guidance in Pennsylvania.

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We fight for what is right and just for each client, taking the lead on protecting your future. Our job is to win your case so you can move forward and focus on what matters.

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The key to victory is preparation. Our team considers every option before making a decision, keeping detailed records throughout the process in order to benefit you and your goals.

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Finding Solutions in Family Law & Real Estate

When you are struggling with a difficult legal situation — concerning your family, your property, or your future — you should never attempt to face it on your own. Your best option is to put the skills and knowledge of experienced attorneys to work for you. We've focused our practice on helping individuals, families, and companies in Adams County and Lancaster County navigate complex legal situations and pursue favorable outcomes.

Family legal issues are never easy. Divorce, property division, and child support negotiations require detailed preparation from everyone involved. Adoptions, too, require plenty of patience and preparation to make the process as smooth as it can be. As dedicated family law attorneys, we can help you with a variety of complicated matters during these important transitions. Stepparent adoptions, for instance, generally require both biological parents to give consent. Pennsylvania law includes other requirements that we can review with you and your family.

We have extensive experience helping clients in Pennsylvania work through real estate transactions and real estate litigation. A decision involving buying or selling property is one of the most impactful ones you'll make, yet many fail to prioritize what's really important. For example, it's easy to get sidetracked by the realtor at any stage of the process, especially the closing. Having an experienced real estate attorney to navigate closing on a home can be beneficial, even vital.

Decisions made during this process will likely have a lasting impact on your and your family's future. It's important to count on the preparation, skill, and longevity of a reputable law firm in York, Pennsylvania, to lead the way during these emotional times. If you live in Gettysburg, Lancaster, or anywhere else in Adams County or Lancaster County, reach out to schedule a consultation. We offer free consultations on Friday afternoons; if you prefer to meet remotely, schedule a Zoom consultation today.