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Wills, Estate Planning & Administration Attorneys in York, Pennsylvania

Piece of paper that says will and testament at the top Since 1982, Malone & Neubaum has helped clients in York and throughout Southern Pennsylvania develop strategic wills and estate plans that care for minor children, communicate health care decisions and transfer property and wealth from one generation to the next.

York County
Will and Trust Lawyers

When thinking about the future and your family, a will, health care directive, or power of attorney is a very personal matter. Our attorneys understand these difficult personal decisions and are ready to assist you with the preparation of these documents and the confidential aspects of developing an estate plan that fulfills your wishes.

Our attorneys draw on their more than 80 years of combined legal experience to draft clear and concise wills and trusts that preserve family legacies and transfer property and wealth to the next generation in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Clients with minor children come to Malone & Neubaum to develop wills and estate plans that name guardians to care for minor children, and trustees to manage finances, in the event of their death or incapacity.

Many people are concerned about how they will be treated at the end of their life. Through health care directives, we help our clients communicate their final wishes regarding end-of-life health care and life-sustaining medicine and technologies. Powers of attorney are a method used by many to empower trusted family members or friends to make financial decisions on their behalf in the event they are no longer able to do so.

Plan For Your Future

While it is impossible to plan for the unexpected, a few simple estate planning documents can reduce the financial and emotional burdens on grieving family members and ensure your final wishes are fulfilled. At Malone & Neubaum, our attorneys can help.

Representing Families and Estates Throughout the Probate Process

Our attorneys represent clients throughout the will, estate planning and probate administration process. We help the executor submit the will to probate, and assist the estate’s personal representative during the inventory process, helping them identify and distribute properties according to the terms of the will or estate plan. Our attorneys also help executors provide a final accounting of estate assets and assist with the preparation of the estate’s tax return.

Will contests also arise during the probate process. A will contains the final wishes of the deceased and directions regarding trust administration and property distributions are strictly followed. However, when there is doubt as to the will’s validity, the probate process is stalled to ensure the will truly reflects the decedent’s desires.

At Malone & Neubaum, our lawyers represent both those contesting the validity of the will, and assist the estate in defending against will contest claims.

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