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Civil Litigation Attorneys in York, Pennsylvania

Lady of Justice statueCases often vary in size and complexity, but the lawyers at York-based Malone & Neubaum have the experience to address them all. Whether you are faced with a contract dispute, construction defect, zoning enforcement, land restrictions, or administrative law matter, we have you covered.

York County
Contract Dispute Lawyers

At Malone & Neubaum, our experienced civil litigation attorneys help individuals and businesses resolve their disputes. Litigation, arbitration, and mediation are often complex concerns. Accordingly, our attorneys make sure that they are familiar with the details of each case. With a thorough understanding of the big picture, we negotiate, mediate, and litigate to protect the rights and interests of our clients.

Many clients turn to us during contract disputes with other individuals, merchants, or businesses. We also represent clients involved in real estate disputes and construction defect litigation. Working closely with our clients, our attorneys develop unique, tailored solutions that resolve the problem and resolve our clients’ disputes quickly and give them the benefit of their original bargain.

Worried About a Dispute?

Providing Strategic Dispute Solutions

We are experienced litigators and zealous advocates. Our attorneys have successfully represented our clients’ interests in front of both state and federal courts. We also have experience navigating the state administrative system and have experience working with the American Arbitration Association.

Clients come to our firm when they need the special insight and counsel that only 80 years of combined experience can offer. We provide clients with a realistic view of their circumstances. Once clients understand the effects different strategies will have on their lives and their businesses, our lawyers develop a legal approach that resolves current disputes while preserving future opportunities for growth and success.

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