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High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys in York, Pennsylvania

A large house/mansionBased in York, Malone & Neubaum has successfully represented clients throughout east central Pennsylvania for more than 30 years. Our attorneys understand the complexity of sophisticated financial instruments and help clients achieve property division decrees that provide long-term financial security.

Sophisticated Property Division Plans for High Net Worth Individuals

At Malone & Neubaum, our attorneys are sophisticated asset division professionals. Clients with complicated financial properties — such as complex investment portfolios and family-owned businesses — turn to our team to ensure their financial interests are protected.

Because income-producing assets have the power to provide financial stability for years to come, they must be valued differently than other investment assets. Our firm understands both the short- and long-term financial implications of complex property division. Depending on the specific financial circumstances of our clients, we develop tailored property division plans that meet current financial needs and provide financial security for years to come.

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York County Complex Divorce Lawyers: Providing Future Financial Security

At Malone & Neubaum, we work diligently to achieve property division determinations that allow our clients to maintain their lifestyles and remain financially secure in the future.

We thoroughly evaluate all of our clients’ property holdings — including retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and business interests — to accurately determine valuation and current cash flow. Our attorneys then look to the future possibilities of each asset. Once we have accurately predicted each property’s future worth, as well as the future income-earning capacity of each asset, we develop property division plans that provide our clients with current, as well as future financial stability.

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If you have complex financial or business assets, or are involved in a high net worth divorce, you need a team of experienced attorneys working to ensure you get a fair property division. Contact our York high net worth divorce lawyers.